Ampere (Power Saver)

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Origins of Veda Power System goes back to early 2013. It is when we realized that there is a lot of scope for improvement in machines. With that vision in mind, we started designing systems to improve efficiency and save power. Initially, we got decent improvements but along the way, we realized a lot more can be done and started solving those new challenges every day. After almost one and half year of our relentless effort, we could get savings in the range of 15%-30%. This is how *Ampere* was born.

By early 2015, though we had solved the technical problems, Ampere was still limited to the laboratory. Hence, we started taking Ampere to the market and experimenting it in various domains. Since needs and working conditions are different in each industry, we had to make sure Ampere works everywhere as expected. It took us almost 2 years to test Ampere in a wide range of industries including Water power plants, Restaurants, Rice mills, Crushers, Cold storages, Factories, Industries etc.

After almost 4 years of development and testing of Ampere, now we are highly confident of our technology and are ready to take it to the market across a huge range of industries and loads. We hope to set up Ampere wherever there is a need and contribute in our way to make our planet earth greener!

What Ampere Does?
  • Save Energy : Ampere reduces wastage and saves energy by reducing the losses such as Winding Stress, Winding overheating, Voltage Dip, Copper losses, Frictional Loss, Iron loss, Windage Loss, Sound loss. Addition, based on the instantaneous load, Ampere dynamically changes frequency, torque, speed and RPM. This leads to higher efficiency and lower power consumption.
  • Increase Motor Life : Due to dynamic voltage and frequency control, it offers better protection to the motor from issues such as electro chemical overloads, phase faults, in rush current, spikes and surges in current, over voltage and under voltage. This also helps in greatly reducing wear & tear and extends motor life.
  • Maintain Power Factor with NO extra Capacitors : Ampere, in addition to saving energy and increasing motor life, it comes with pre loaded capacitors which maintains high power factor on the live side of the variable frequency. This eliminates the need for expensive capacitor bank.